About Boele

After an exploration of the Technical University in Delft and several years of work as a carpenter, Boele (1984, BA Design) decided to explore his talents at the Art Academy in Utrecht (HKU). His interest in creative solutions to technical problems has manifested in thoroughly complicated and qualitatively strong art installations. A great example is Time Injected Circles (TIC), Boele's graduation piece at the Art Academy in 2013. 

Guild of Inventors

Since 2014 Boele also joined the Guild of Inventors (het Uitvindersgilde), a cooporation of young creative professionals from Utrecht. The Guild of Inventors and its royally equipped workshop enable young designers as Boele to develop their potential.


In the winter of 2015, the Guild of Inventors contributed the winning design to the DGTL Kinetic Art Pitch. The Chaosgenerator, a wind-powered chaotic pendulum, is by the design of Boele and produced by the Guild of Inventors.